School Rules

Important Rules

  • Regularity, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness of dress and person are expected from every pupil. Pupils must strictly conform to the regulations laid down in this regard.
  • The pupils are responsible to the School authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported objectionable conduct of the School on the pupils makes them liable for disciplinary action.
  • The wearing of the school uniform is obligatory. Violation of this rule is a sufficient reason for the expulsion of a student from the school.
  • No other book, newspaper, Periodical, or any material can be brought to school without the Principal's permission.
  • The date of birth and the name of a student once entered will not be changed. The parent/guardian will have to sign an undertaking to this effect.
  • The name of a student who does not re-join school within three days after the commencement of a term shall be struck off the roll unless leave has been previously applied for and the sanction obtained from the head of the institution.
  • Children must speak English in the School Campus.
  • Late-comers and absentees from school will not be admitted to class without the Principal's written permission.
  • No leave of absence is granted, except on written application from parents, and that only for serious reasons.
  • Fines may be imposed by the Principal for irregularity, indiscipline, or damage to the School property.
  • In case of illness, a medical certificate must be produced within three days of the absence of the student.
  • If a student continues to be absent for a month, without the previous written permission of the Principal's, his/her name will be struck off the roll, and in case of his re-joining, the re-admission fee will be charged.
  • On national days like Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti Day, and other notified school functions every student has to be present without fail. Absence on such a day will be considered very grave and anti-nationalistic.
  • No pupil will be admitted without a countersigned Transfer Certificate {TC) from the last school attended and, in the case, shall a student be permitted to attend a class pending formal admission.
  • A pupil joining School for the first time must produce satisfactory evidence of his date of birth, such as an extract from the municipal records or village records.

Rules Regarding Payment of School Fee

  • School fee will be charged for one full academic session (12 Months).
  • Fee will be accepted in cash only.
  • Fee will be paid in two installments only.
  • First installment will paid till 10th April and second installment till 10th October of the session.
  • Defaulters will be required to pay late fee.
  • If school fees will be delayed more than two month, then fees will accepted with re-admission fee or with a fine.
  • No transfer Certificate will be issued until all dues to school have paid in full.
  • A fee of Rs. 100/- is Charged for a transfer certificate.
  • The parents will kindly keep the receipts issued to them and produce them as prof of payment if needed.

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