School Fee

Rules Regarding Payment

  • School fees will be charged for one full academic session (12 months).
  • The fee will be accepted in cash / Bank transfer.
  • The fee will be paid in two instalments only.
  • The first instalment will be paid by 10th April and the second instalment by 10th October of the session.
  • Defaulters will be required to pay the late fee.
  • If school fees will be delayed more than two months, then fees will be accepted with a re-admission fee or with a fine.
  • No Transfer Certificate will be issued until dues to school have paid in full.
  • A fee of Rs. 100/- is charged for a Transfer Certificate.
  • The parents will kindly keep the receipts issued to them and produce them as proof of payment if needed.

Fee Procedure

  • The fee must be paid for the full academic session i.e. from April to march.
  • The fee will be paid in two instalments only by cash or Cheque or online.
  • 1st Instalment of the fee shall be required to be paid at the time of Admission or in month of April.
  • The fee for the second half should be paid before 15th October of the year.
  • Fee defaulters will be required to pay a late fee fine of Rs. 5/- per day.
  • If the fee will be late by i.e. 2 months the name of your ward will be struck off from the rolls and will be re-admitted on payment of fee with fine & admission fee again.


  • Guardians who want to withdraw their ward must give a 1-month prior notice in written before the beginning of the next session.
  • The School authority has a right to issue a withdrawal certificate, without any pre-notice if the student and their parents/guardians are failed to accept the terms, conditions & discipline of the school or any case of misbehaviour or any serious offense.
  • A transfer certificate is issued only after all dues have been fully paid. The fee for T.C. is Rs. 100/-

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